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Practical Laser Uses

Our average Warn Laser customer is a laser hobbyist who wants a laser to use for entertainment. Don't be mistaken though, Warn Lasers have many legitimate practical uses including some of the following:

Military and Law Enforcement: Lasers are used by US forces in Iraq to paint (identify) targets and intimidate the enemy. Military professionals prefer Warn Lasers to typical laser dazzlers for its sheer power and performance in a size that is similar to a ballpoint pen case.

Astronomy: Because warn lasers are strong enough to see a beam of light, they are ideal for pointing out star constellations. The next time someone tries to show you Orion's belt or Zeus in the stars, hand them the Warn Laser and make them trace it out. They can even be velcro mounted to a telescope to help you aim better.

Search and Rescue: They are a highly visible flare that can be used over and over again; here they represent the power to save a life.

Outdoor Work Sites: Warn lasers can also be useful at outdoor work sites. Construction managers use lasers to align pipes, walls, signs or any piece of construction material. Write with light and guide others with precision.

PC Shops: Shops that require fiber optical maintenance tools, will appreciate the additional power to find fiber interruptions and line breaks in fiber optic technologies with lasers.

Arts and Entertainment: Used on CSI: NY, in laser shows and to illuminate artwork, Warn Lasers command attention and ignite imaginations.

Physics Labs: Students take notice when a teacher uses a laser with power far beyond anything they can buy in an office supply store.

Medical: Since 1967, healthcare professionals have used lasers to reduce pain and speed healing. [WARNING: Warn Lasers are not FDA approved for medical use in the US].

Other Uses: From dispersing birds and other animal intruders to identifying fiber optic circuits, uses for Warn Lasers products are limited only by your imagination.