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Astronomy Starphaser

With a green laser that seems to touch the stars, you can point out celestial objects to the naked eye. Warn Laser can be Velcro mounted onto a telescope, giving you the power to aim more quickly and accurately. Our high-powered handheld lasers are the right choice for perfect instruments for astronomy buffs and scientists alike.

One of the most common and dramatic uses of a high-power Astronomy laser is to direct attention to objects in the night sky. As an instructor, scientist or an amateur astronomer set yourself and your presentations apart with the power delivered by Warn Laser. Even our least powerful laser casts a strong green beam that is dramatically visible in the night sky.

At Warn Laser we carry both red and green laser pointers which easily be used in the field of astronomy. Our class IIIB laser pointers are 25 times more powerful than many astronomy lasers on the market. Green lasers are the most widely used laser for astronomy purposes since it is the most visible color to the naked eye.

Some of our models can even be seen in daylight hours and can cut through fog, smoke and in the most humid weather conditions. For more information on lasers useful for astronomy please view our products page.

Elegantly small laser with the heft of a true scientific instrument, a WarnLaser product feels good in your hand. Press the button to ignite the imagination of your students or audience as you seem to reach out and touch each object in the night-time sky.
This intense beam light instantly identifies objects in the night sky.