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Industry Laser Modules - Providing a more stable laser source.

Laser pen  capture
Laser pen  captureLaser pen  captureLaser pen  captureLaser pen  captureLaser pen  captureLaser pen  captureLaser pen  captureLaser pen  captureLaser pen  capture
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Whether your physics and laboratory experiment requires powerful continuous powered lasers with built in power supply and superior cooling host, WarnLaser's laser module can produce 532 nm green laser, ultra narrow divergence with power output range of cool 30mW up to superior power of 10W.If order the 8W,10W even high powerful laser module,please contact the email master@warnlaser.com

WarnLaser student-friendly laser module system designed for exploring a wide range of atomic and optical physics phenomena our modern optics and laser modules has a sustained power stability of < 5%, 10%, 20% RMS over 5 hours, speedy warm up time of less than 5 minutes . Powered by PSU-OEM (110-220 VAC ultra compact unit) and operating temperature range of -10-60C WarnLaser module is definitely the leading and industrial laser module manufacturer for specialized application e.g. Collimation, Medical Treatment Laser, Scientific Experimentation, Optical Instrumentation, Ranging, and Laser Spectroscopy .

Our Laser module is fully compatible with the existing scientific and laboratory apparatus used worldwide designed to significantly expand the already wide range of experiments your laboratory or organization has.

We know you will enjoy the beautifully designed, ultra compact and powerful Laser modules from WarnLaser for your research and scientific needs. Buy now from WarnLaser Green, Red, Yellow, IR, and Violet lasers, portables Lasers, gadgets, safety, military, scientific and astronomy – only one thing WarnLaser. The Industrial Optics and learning Instruments Leader.

Safety First! Useless to say that Lasers are NOT for kids. It is imperative to wear adequate eye protection when exposed to ANY Lasers of 1mW and more.

Protect yourself AND your environment from accidents. If you are in your first experiments with Lasers or don't have proper protective eyewear, please, seriously consider purchasing a pair or two of Safety Glasses with your new Laser. Better be Safe, then Sorry!

P.S.: We offer Laser Diodes to let you « DIY » Lasers on your own!

Do you want more High Power Lasers? Get it from here: 1000mw Green Laser


Laser Modules Instructions Manual


30mW, 50mW Size: 85 x 33.5 x 33.5
100mW, 200mW, 300mW Size: 120 x 46 x 44
500mW, 600mW Size: 136 x 64 x 58
1000mW Size: 140 x 77 x 57
Power Stability: 5%
Wavelength: 532nm
The Output Beam diameter(mm): 2.0
Divergence Angle(mrad): <1
Spot Ellipticity: >0.9
M2 Factor: <1.2
Preheat Time(min): <5
Working Temperature(℃): 10~40
Storage Temperature(℃): -10~60
Input Voltage(VAC): 90-240
Modulation TTL Level: 0~30k