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4.5w Blue Laser : 445nm 2500mW Laser Pointer of Luna Series

Laser pen  capture
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Our new« Luna™ » Series brings up the Standards in the Laser Technology. This totally portable efficient 445nm Laser has been re-thoutgh and re-built with the technology's highest standards available. Cristal Optics, new Laser Diodes, enhanced Circuitry concealed in the same dependable Host (Shell).

The new « Luna™ » Series is one of our proudest achievement in terms of controlling Power and Wavelength. This Pure 5000mW of Blue Lasing Power, can pop balloons, burn through electrical tape, of course, but it can do so much more. You don't need 5000mW to pop balloons! 150mW will do that just fine! But to burn wood takes power. And our new « Luna™ » Series is up to the challenge.

It can light wooden (and paper) matches by the base, light up cigarettes, carve wood (1500mW and up), and really make a difference among the other 445nm Lasers. Choosing the 1000mW, 1500mW, 2000mW , 2500mW .3500mW,4500mW and the 5W version will really make you feel proud of your purchase. You'll have no regret whatsoever.

However, you have to remember one thing. If you are looking for a visible spot and beam, Blue is NOT your color. Green is! Blue is only visible at 4.2% of its real power (by the human eye). Green, on the other hand, is visible at 88.5%. The human eye can be tricky some times. Blue can be used for astronomy purposes, but for the same visibility, you're better off with a Green Laser. You can use a 250mW Green Laser for astronomy, and it will still be more visible that a 2500mW Blue Laser...

If, on the other hand, you're looking for Burning Power, THIS is your Laser for you! To have a 1000mW Blue Laser will cost you only $229.99. To own a Green Laser of the same Power will set you back $1399.99!!! All depends on what you want to do.

Made from Military Specification Aircraft Aluminium, this Laser Pointer is made to last years and years through heavy duty service. Its beam is focusable from a few inches, for super hot burning applications, to infinity, for long range rescue applications.

We are proven to have the best Quality/Price ratio in the industry. Do not confuse Cheap Laser Pointers with Inexpensive Laser Pointers. We have the best Laser Pointers in the Lineup! Guaranteed!

This Laser comes complete with its battery charger, Safety Glasses and Aluminium Carrying Case, making an excellent gift idea for Dads !

Also, please note that since the UPS 747 Airplane crash on Sept. 3rd 2010, we are no longer allowed to ship batteries overseas. Therefore, Batteries are NOT included.

Safety First !! It is imperative to wear adequate eye protection when exposed to ANY Lasers of 1mW and more. Protect yourself AND your environment from accidents. If you are in your first experiments with Lasers and/or don't have proper protective eyewear, please, seriously consider purchasing an extra pair of Safety Glasses with your new Laser. Please note that according to the FDA, Sun Glasses are NOT consider to be proper eye protection against Lasers! …Better be Safe, then Sorry!

Please note : We also offer a wide variety of Laser Diodes so you can build your own Lasers!

Also, if you are experimenting with Laser Technology, you might want to take a look at our selection of Lenses, Balloons and Laser Cases.

Do you want more High Power Lasers? Get it from here: 1000mw Green Laser

Free gift with red goggles and laser beam lens x 5pcs.


Dimension: 35mm x 230mm
Net Weight: 650 Gram
Wavelength: 445nm
Finish: Aluminium
Color: Black
Power Supply: 16340 X 2pcs (Battery are NOT Included)
Working Voltage: DC 7.4V
Trigger Voltage DC 7.4V
Diode Life Time: >5000 Hours
Beam Divergence: <1.2mRad
Beam Diameter: <1.2mm @ aperture
Transverse Mode: TEMoo
Operating Mode: CW
Working Temperature: 0C to 40C