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5mw, 50mw, 100mw, Yellow Lasers: Polar Series - Awesome!Laser sight is already built in!

Laser pen  capture
Laser pen  captureLaser pen  captureLaser pen  captureLaser pen  captureLaser pen  capture
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Polar Series of Yellow Lasers, provides 5mW,10mW,100mW laser power output.

589nm laser ,as a new type laser source, has great application on optical spectrography, laser allocation & guidance, astronomical observation and so on. Especially, sodium guide star has more notable goodness and profound significance than Rayleigh beacon used as man-made guide star.warnlaser.com yellow laser pointer cover 0.6mW -80mW, and advanced Laser pointer can be 100mW and even more.


Dimension: 16.5×150mm(5mW)/40×198mm(over 30mW)
Net Weight: 400 Gram(5mW)/1.5kg(over 30mW)
Wavelength: 589nm
Finish: Aluminium
Power Supply: 1 x #CR2 Battery(5mW)/2 x CR2 Batteries With Charger(over 30mW)
Working Voltage: DC 3.6V
Trigger Voltage: DC 3.2V
Diode Life Time: >8000 Hours
Beam Divergence: <1.2mRad
Beam Diameter: 1.2mm @ aperture
Transverse Mode: TEMoo
Operating Mode: CW
Working Temperature: 0C to 40C