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50mW~200mw Explorer Long Range Green Laser

Laser pen  capture
Laser pen  captureLaser pen  captureLaser pen  capture
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The Explorer series is made for the outdoors. It has a super long range, and a battery life of over 3 hours. Most high powered laser pointers only offer 1 hour of battery life. It is shorter than the Tiger Series, yet a bit thicker and heavier. Therefore, the construction feels a bit sturdier. They are suitable for outdoor star gazing, rescue missions, and are fun to burn with as well. It uses a primary or rechargeable CR2 battery. A charger is included. However, we cannot ship batteries due to certain international trade restrictions.


Dimension: 18mm x 100mm
Net Weight: 60 Gram
Wavelength: 532nm
Power Supply: 1 x CR2 Battery ( Chargable )
Working Voltage: DC 3.0V
Trigger Voltagec DC 2.8V
Diode Life Time: >5000 Hours
Beam Divergence: <1.2mRad
Beam Diameter: 1.2mm @ aperture
Transverse Mode: TEMoo
Operating Mode: CW
Working Temperature: 15C to 35C