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500mw 200mw 100mw 50mw UV Violet Laser pointer of Razor Series

Laser pen  capture
Laser pen  captureLaser pen  captureLaser pen  captureLaser pen  captureLaser pen  captureLaser pen  captureLaser pen  capture
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405nm Razor Series Laser
The breakthrough application in the micro-electronics industry of near UV lasers.

With a beautiful purple beam, warnlaser.com is pleased to offer our customers this amazing royal violet laser pointer. The beam makes anything with a fluorescent color to glow very brightly, as it is very close to the ultra-violet end of the spectrum. And yes, it can burn stuff :)

The Razor series is warnlaser.com's new series of violet lasers. The power is supplied by two AAA batteries /500mW with CR123A and uses the newest micro-electronics technology. It has the most unique color out of all our other products. warnlaser.com engineers these laser's power up to 500mW. The Razor series uses a genuine Sony Blue-Ray diode. The beam has a rather unearthly glow, which makes it a very unique color. Compared to similar laser pointers from other companies, the special price of $299.99 cannot be beaten.

Why Near-UV?

What sets the Near-UV spectral region appart is the subtlety (and complexity) of the light-matter interactions indigenous to the realm. Here, where wavelengths range from 400 nm to somewhat below 200 nm, almost all but the smallest atoms and molecules absorb light, inducing changes-even if only very transiently in their electronic structure. The associated increase in internal energy is usually sufficient to make, break, or rearrange chemical bonds (see Fig. 1) and to excite ionize (but rarely ionize) atoms. These processes are the very essence of chemistry.

UV laser

Please Note that since the UPS 747 Airplane crash on Sept. 3rd 2010, we are no longer allowed to ship batteries overseas. Therefore, Batteries are NOT included.

Safety First !! It is imperative to wear adequate eye protection when exposed to ANY Lasers of 1mW and more. Protect yourself AND your environment from accidents. If you are in your first experiments with Lasers and/or don't have proper protective eyewear, please, seriously consider purchasing a pair or two of Safety Glasses with your new Laser. Please note that according to the FDA, Sun Glasses are NOT consider to be proper eye protection against Lasers! …Better be Safe, then Sorry!

Please Note : We also offer a wide variety of Laser Diodes so you can build your own Lasers!

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Dimension: 13mm x 140mm 20mW~200mW/42mm x 223mm 500mW
Net Weight: 68 Gram
Wavelength: 405nm
Power Supply: 2 x AAA Batteries 20mW~200mW/2pcs x 16340 Rechargeable Batt. 500mW (NOT Included).
Working Voltage: DC 3.2V
Trigger Voltage: DC 2.8V
Diode Life Time: >5000 Hours
Beam Divergence: <1.6mRad
Beam Diameter: 1.9mm @ aperture
Transverse Mode: TEMoo
Operating Mode: CW
Working Temperature: -10C to 50C