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1000mW ~ 2000mW Magma-830 Series IR High Power Lasers

Laser pen  capture
Laser pen  capture
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This fine Infrared Power Laser of the Magma-830™ Series are well ranked in our already extensive list of fine Infrared Laser products. Starting at only $249.99 for a full 1000mW IR Laser, this compact size Power Laser can pop balloons, burn through dark plastic bags, easily light matches and ignite fireworks. It is our point of entry for the Serious Laser Enthusiast and the real Laser Hobbyist. The Magma-830™ Series is truly our Best Seller. Priced just right to give the chance to serious Hobbyists to have good clean fun and experimenting with Infrared Lasers, the Magma-830™ Series can up to the stunning power of 2000mW, for less than $350. Again, this is a really powerful Laser. This is NOT - FOR - CHILDREN !!! Lasers can be a source of great fun but, if not handled properly, could be the cause of very tragic events.

We named this Series, Magma™. It is not a hazard. It is HOT! At this power and Wavelength, the human eye just might see a faint red spot where the Laser is aiming. Do NOT be fooled! This dim light is actually only 4% of the « visible » portion of the infrared. At 830nm, 96% of the reflection, you can't see! Take for example a 1000mW Green Laser. The spot is so bright that you do not dare looking at it for more that 5 seconds. Now, imagine twice that power, BUT, your eye can't see it, hence, you don't realize it. and … you'll go blind in no time! …No Joke!


Why? Simply because the Spot and the Beam of these Lasers are INVISIBLE to the Human eye! Being invisible, your retina can not see it. Since it can see it, it can't transmit to the brain that there is unwanted light coming in your eyes. And as a result, your brain will not command to your eyelids to shut, to protect your eyes.

It is like looking strait into the Summer Sun, at noon, without shades and with your eyes wide open, during the time you will use these types of Lasers! And the reflecting radiations are also dangerous! We dare repeating it! These Lasers are NOT - FOR - KIDS !

Some of this Laser Series Pointer's outstanding features include: genuine 1500mW to 3000mW Laser Diodes, shock resistant, passive thermal cooling and advanced pump and driver assembly.

We are proven to have the best Quality/Price ratio in the industry. Do not confuse Cheap Laser Pointers with Inexpensive Laser Pointers. We have the best Laser Pointers in the Lineup! Guaranteed!

Its finish is of Pearl Black Aluminium, and its size is impressive and demands respect. Once you hold this Technological Gem, you will immediately « Feel The Power of The Force » in your hand. No flimsy design here! At WarnLaser, quality is something you can feel through all the products we manufacture.

Our Engineers, using the highest quality materials, the latest Diode technology, the best Crystal Optics technology can provide, Enhanced Electronics and State-Of-The-Art manufacturing procedures, came out with this great Series of Lasers.

These Lasers come complete with Battery Charger, Aluminium Carrying Case and Infrared Safety Glasses.

Please take note that since the UPS 747 Airplane crash on Sept. 3rd 2010, we are no longer allowed to ship batteries overseas. Therefore, Batteries are NOT included.

Safety First !! It is imperative to wear adequate eye protection when exposed to ANY Lasers of 1mW and more. Protect yourself AND your environment from accidents. If you are in your first experiments with Lasers and/or don't have proper protective eyewear, please, seriously consider purchasing a pair or two of Safety Glasses with your new Laser. Please note that according to the FDA, Sun Glasses are NOT consider to be proper eye protection against Lasers! …Better be Safe, then Sorry!

Please note : We also offer a wide variety of Laser Diodes so you can build your own Lasers!

Also, if you are experimenting with Laser Technology, you might want to take a look at our selection of Lenses, Balloons and Laser Cases.

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Dimension: 20mm x 130mm
Net Weight: 150 Gram
Wavelength: 830nm
Finish: Aluminium
Color: Black
Power Supply: CR123A / RCR123A, (NOT Included).
Working Voltage: DC4.2V
Trigger Voltage DC3.6V
Diode Life Time: >5000 Hours
Beam Divergence: <3.0mRad
Beam Diameter: <3×3 @ aperture
Transverse Mode: TEMoo
Operating Mode: CW
Working Temperature: 0C to 40C