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Laser pointer research, sales: Laser diode, Laser module, High powered laser pointers shopping online -provide Green, Blue, Red, Violet and Yellow lasers.

What Laser Pointers do we provide?

High Power Laser pointer and Normal Laser Pen we all provide. Our laser pointer can burn balloon, light matches,
Warnlaser's 3W Infrared lasers is the Newest Lasers.

About High Power Laser Pointer

High powered laser are classified as Class IIIb and Class IV Lasers. High power Lasers emerge into the consumer market recently are also used in specialized military applications, leading optics/ physics research and laboratory facilities worldwide.

Laser afficionados still refer to them as - "Laser" or "Laser Pointer".  These high power Laser Pointer have power rates which far exceed several hundred milliwatts. Class IIIb laser are considered high powered lasers; they are not the typical keychain Laser Pointer (less than 5mw), the Lasers can be found anywhere we strongly advice everyone to wear professional eye protection and to practice extreme caution when operating any Laser. More infomation in FAQ.

Green Laser

Green Laser are famous for their thin Green beam diameter and high power output. To the human eye, with its inherent sensitivity to the Green color, the Green Laser Pointer creates a powerful and bright Green color that can be pointed and seen anywhere. Carry with them an intense burning power so great, in fact that they burn through many meltable and flammable objects.

Further: Green Laser can seen traveling tens, even hundreds of miles in darkness. With exceptional power, a high intensity energy beam and extended range, they create a pheromone only seen in Sci-Fi movies.

In the public sector and almost all research stations these highly intense and visible Green beams are convenient, especially to Astronomers in studying Celestial objects such as stars, for the beam often appears to reach out to the object.

Additionally, Green Lasers are utilized in U.S. military operations in the Middle East as part of their ‘Shock and Awe’ campaign. The lasers can be custom fitted in small arms or handheld. They are used to disorient, paint potential targets and intimidate adversaries. These rigid, durable well constructed lasers offer the exceptional beam quality associated with WarnLaser, and are truly a masterpiece.

Red laser

Red laser pointers boast the highest power output among handheld red lasers, Exceptionally suited for scientific burning applications at very affordable pricing. Does red laser pen can be used as an alternative to military and police ‘red dot’ illuminators, usually found in small arms weaponry, commonly used to paint a target hundreds of miles away.  Having this potential military usage, WarnLaser red laser pointers can also be use to burn, cut and slash plastics similar to their green laser counterparts. They consistently outperform your average 5mw keychain laser pointer with over 50X in terms of range, burning power and durability.

Blue laser

Blue Laser technology is still in its adolescent stage. Since its very inception, we have been dedicated to the development and commercialization of this new and challenging laser technology. Our SWOT Series lasers is one of the most powerful Blue Laser beams you can find anywhere on the blue laser scene.

Violet laser

Ultra Violet laser is our newest addition to our product catalog. The Violet laser is characterized by an elegant mysterious purple beam. When the laser beam passes through a variety of mediums like glass of varying colors, water, dust, fog and smoke, the dazzling refraction is extraordinary.

Yellow laser pointer

Yellow laser pen  emits Electromagnetic radiation (EMR), at a wavelength of 593.5 nanometers. the laser have become very commonplace in the laser market over the last few years.

Most yellow laser pointer are based on DPSS (Diode Pump Solid-State) process using two lasing lines of the NdYV04 crystal (Neodymium Yttrium Vanadium Oxide) and a KTP crystal. The KTP crystal contain potassium, titanium and phosphorous. The DPSS driver’s infrared (IR) diode emits laser light at 808nm, which is fired into the rare element Neodymium. The crystal processes the 808nm infrared light and lases it at 1,064 and 1,342 nanometers, it will then fired into the NdYV04 and KTP crystals and are then summed together with a nonlinear crystal doubling the light frequency to 593.5nm, resulting in the bright orange tinge, yellow laser that is visible. This ray of light is then filtered to remove remaining IR light from the pump diode and the neodymium crystal. Finally the light collimated or focused by an optical lens and emerges as a truly fine and magnificent laser. 

The complexity of this process makes the yellow laser pointer more expensive to manufacture. This complex process requires precision engineering for temperature, stabilizers and active cooling technology.

Laser pointer is the indeed a rare and one of kind gadget for laser enthusiasts, hobbyists and professionals, Any laser you want, WarnLaser.com All Have.

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